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    Next Neuroscience Cover from IMBICE, Argentina!


    From left to right and top to bottom: first row - Dr. Agustina Cabral, Lic. Gimena Fernandez, Lic. Mirta Reynaldo; second row - Lic. Paula Cornejo, Dr. Guadalupe García-Romero, Lic. Maia Uriarte; third row - Dr. Mario Perello, Lic. Spring Valdivia, Beltina Leon (third line). And Dr. Nicolas De Francesco.

    CONGRATULATIONS TO TEAM IMBICE! A figure produced by the Laboratory of Neurophysiology team at the Multidisciplinary Institute of Cell Biology (Instituto Multidisciplinario de Biología Celular, IMBICE) in La Plata, Argentina, was selected to be the cover for the next IBRO Neuroscience issue (Vol. 289) to be published on Thursday, March 19! Read about their research in the article of the same volume, “Neuroanatomical and functional characterization of CRF neurons of the amygdala using a novel transgenic mouse model” (p.153-165).

    IBRO would like to especially congratulate IMBICE team member, Dr. Mario Perello, one of our IBRO Return Home Award alumni (2009), for his continued commitment to advancing neuroscience research after moving back to Argentina. We are so fortunate to support such excellent neuroscientists and their work! 

    We encourage all other neuroscientists to take advantage of our various funding programs as well. Find out more here: Also, if you are another IBRO alumnus who would like to share your achievements, stories and research, please let us know! We would love to hear from you at