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IBRO Programs

Over the years, IBRO has set up a number of programs to stimulate international contacts in brain research and promote public awareness of the brain.

The Alumni Forum was created to facilitate interactions between students, and students and faculty who have participated in IBRO's educational programmes and to help create a community of young scientists so that they remain in contact with IBRO and, more importantly, with each other.

Workshops to promote the ethical use of animals in bio-medical experimentation are held around the world. A regional model is being developed to promote advocacy for brain research that can be used globally. Articles and interviews from influential neuroscientists are edited and added to our web site for consultation.

Neuroscience is the official journal of IBRO. It is published as 28 issues a year, by Elsevier. The IBRO News, an annual newsletter, is mailed to the membership. The Reporter is a quarterly email newsletter that is available by subscription.

Issues particular to women neuroscientists are supported through symposia and meetings. And finally, a World Congress is held every four years and is the only global meeting for neuroscience.