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Funding Awards 2015

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IBRO-ISN (International Society of Neurochemistry) Research Fellowships  

Sunday Adelaja Ajayi (South Africa)
Host Scientist: James Johnson (University of British Columbia, Canada)  

Gijs Kooij (Netherlands) 
Host Scientist: Charles Serhan (Harvard Medical School, United States) 

Yaara Lefler (Israel) 
Host Scientist: Tiago Branco (MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, United Kingdom) 

Arpit Mehrotra (India) 
Host Scientist: Maria Eugenia Soriano (University of Padua, Italy) 

Natalie Matosin (Australia) 
Host Scientist: Elisabeth Binder (Max-Planck Institute of Psychiatry, Germany) 

Olalekan Ogundele (Nigeria) 
Host Scientist: Rodolfo Goya (National University of Plata, Argentina)

Javier Marin Prida (Cuba) 
Host Scientist: Yu Tian Wang (University of British Columbia, Canada)  

Mariana Astiz (Argentina) 
Host Scientist: Henrik Oster ( University of Lübeck, Germany) 


IBRO Return Home Fellowships   

Oluwole Akinola (Nigeria)
Leaving the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences (USUHS) to start own lab at the University of Ilorin in Ilorin, Nigeria

Ezequiel Axel Gorostiza (Germany) 
Leaving the University of Regensburg to start own lab at University of Cordoba in Cordoba, Argentina

Piotr Hanczyc (United States) 
Leaving the University of California to start own lab at the Polish Academy of Science  in Warsaw, Poland 

Fernando Kasanetz (Switzerland) 
Leaving the University of Bern to start own lab at CONICET - Universidad de Buenos Aires in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Emiliano Merlo (United Kingdom)
Leaving the University of Cambridge to start own lab at  the National Scientific and Technical Research Council in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Urte Neniskyte (Italy)
Leaving the European Molecular Biology Laboratory to start own lab at Vilnius University in Vilnius, Lithuania


 IBRO International Travel Grants

July-December 2015

 Abdellatif Abbaoui (Morocco) 
XXI World Congress on Parkinson's Disease and Related Disorders, Milan, Italy 
Abstract: Copper exposure induced neurobehavioral features of Parkinson's disease in rat: alters the dopaminergic system and locomotors performance

Ana M. Adamo (Argentina) 
Neuroscience 2015, Chicago, USA 
Abstract: Ligand-dependent participation of the Notch signaling pathway during demyelination-remyelination in the CNS

Lisa Alcock (United Kingdom) 
International Society of Posture and Gait Research, Seville, Spain 
Abstract: Influence of visual contrast and prominence of task relevant stimuli on obstacle crossing in fallers with and without Parkinson's disease

M. Veronica Baez (Argentina) 
IBRO World Congress 2015, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 
Abstract: Changes in GluN1 and GluN2A NDMAR subunits expression after habituation to an open field

Enrica Boda (Italy) 
XII European Meeting on Glial Cells in Health and Disease, Bilbao, Spain 
Abstract: Phenotypic heterogeneity of dividing oligodendrocyte progenitor cells and of their progeny: characterization and modulation by aging and extrinsic factors

Richard Burman (South Africa) 
International Epilepsy Congress, Istanbul, Turkey 
Abstract: Benzodiazepines and excitatory GABAergic signalling in epileptic seizures

Magali Cercato (Argentina) 
IBRO World Congress 2015, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil 
Abstract: Changes in GluN1 and GluN2A NDMAR subunits expression after habituation to an open field after acquisition of a new memory

Mayank Chaturvedi (Poland) 
25th International Society of Neurochemistry and Asia Pacific Society of Neurochemistry Joint Biennial Meeting, Cairns, Australia 
Abstract: TIMP-1 loaded nanoparticles: a therapeutic strategy for neuroprotection

Caroline Cruz de Oliveira (Brazil) 
IBRO World Congress 2015, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 
Abstract: A window on the study of aversive instrumental learning: strains and performance

Leandro Marziali (Argentina) 
XII European Meeting on Glial Cells in Health and Disease, Bilbao, Spain 
Abstract: DMT 1 is expressed and required for adequate maturation in oligodendrocytes

Sandro Da Mesquita (Portugal) 
Society for Neuroscience (SfN) Annual Meeting, Chicago, USA 
Abstract: The choroid plexus transcriptome brings out alterations in the type of interferon responses in a mouse model of Alzheimer's disease

Lucinéia Danielski (Brazil) 
IBRO World Congress 2015, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 
Abstract: Encephalopathy associated sepsis: potential of vitamin B6 in the release of cytokines and disruption of the blood brain barrier

Carina Ferrari (Argentina) 
Glia Meeting 2015, Bilbao, Spain 
Abstract: Chronic cortical inflammation as a novel experimental model of progressive Multiple Sclerosis. Influence of the innate immune system

Ana Catarina Ferreira (Portugal) 
Society for Neuroscience (SfN) Annual Meeting, Chicago, USA 
Abstract: Hippocampal neurogenesis orchestration in an animal model of mood and anxiety

Gustavo Ferreira (Brazil) 
Society of Inborn Errors of Metabolism Annual Meeting, Lyon, France 
Abstract: Increased acetylcholinesterase activity in brain of rats submitted to an animal model of hyperphenylalaninemia

Samira Ferreira (Portugal) 
Gordon Research Conference / Seminar - Catecholamines, Newry, USA 
Abstract: Medial prefrontal corex adenosine A2A receptors control long-term potentiation and impulsive behavior - interaction with dopamine D2-like receptors

Sundar Gnanavel (India) 
International Society for Neurochemistry Annual Meeting, Cairns, Australia 
Abstract: Inflammatory cytokines and glutaminergic excitotoxicity in patients with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

Andrea Goldin (Argentina) 
Tenth International School on Mind, Brain and Education, Erice (Sicily), Italy 
Abstract: Going deep into Socrates’ teaching brain: fNIRS, transfer and the Meno experiment

Anna Golubeva (Ireland) 
3rd World Congress on Targeting Microbiota, Paris, France 
Abstract: Maternal gestational stress alters central control of breathing, stress resilience and intestinal neurodevelopment: a role of microbiota?

Silvina Gutierrez (Argentina) 
16 National Congress of the Spanish Society of Neuroscience, Granada, Spain 
Abstract: Estrogen receptor β expression fluctuates during the estrous cycle contributing to the balance of the pituitary cell proliferation

Lachlan Harris (Australia) 
The 38th Annual Meeting of the Japan Neuroscience Society, Kobe, Japan 
Abstract: NFIX promotes the commitment of radial glial cells to neuron production

Chatti Imen (Tunisia) 
IBRO World Congress 2015, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 
Abstract: Association of opioid receptors gene and COMT gene polymorphisms and pain perception in cancer pain Tunisian patients.

Juan Camilo Jurado (Colombia) 
IBRO World Congress 2015, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 
Abstract: Nicotine analogues evaluation in an approximate context of Parkinson's Disease

Wafaa Laabbar (Morocco) 
IBRO World Congress 2015, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 
Abstract: The protective effect of curcumin on tyrosine hydroxylase immunoreactivity in the substantia nigra after acute aluminum intoxication

Sighild Lemarchant (Finland) 
26th International Symposium on ALS/MND, Orlando, USA 
Abstract: ADAMTS-4 is detrimental in a mouse model of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

Maria Juliana Leone (Argentina) 
XVI European Biological Rhythms Society Congress and IV World Congress of Chronobiology, Manchester, United Kindom 
Abstract: Diurnal variations in response time and accuracy of human decisions

Rodrigo Lerchundi (Chile) 
XII European Meeting on Glial Cell Function in Health and Disease, Bilbao, Spain 
Abstract: Astrocytic lactate release mediated by NH4+-dependent mitochondrial pyruvate shunting

Milija Mijajlovic (Serbia) 
Federation of European Neuroscience Societies (FENS) Featured Regional Meeting 2015, Thessaloniki, Greece 
Abstract: Influence of the carotid atherosclerosis on the cerebral vasomotor reactivity

Pavel Montes de Oca B (Mexico) 
XII Eupoean Meeting on Glial Cells on Health and Disease, Bilbao, Spain 
Abstract: A functional metabotropic-like NMDAR in rat cultured astrocytes

Maryam Moosavi (Iran) 
IBRO World Congress 2015, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 
Abstract: Agmatine protects against intracerebroventricular streptozotocin-induced water maze memory deficit, hippocampal apoptosis and Akt/GSK3β signaling disruption

Shovan Naskar (Italy) 
Gordon Research Conferences: Inhibition in the CNS, Lewiston, USA 
Abstract: Sequential Development of Glutamatergic and GABAergic Synapses on Principal Neurons in the Rat Neocortex

Michael Notaras (Australia) 
Society for Neuroscience (SfN) Annual Meeting, Chicago, USA 
Abstract: Glucocorticoid Signaling Potentiates Memory of Fear According to BDNF Variant Val66Met Genotype

Juan Orellana (Chile) 
XII European Meeting on Glial Cell Function in Health and Disease, Bilbao, Spain 
Abstract: Prenatal inflammation increases hemichannel opening and activation of astrocytes in the offspring: repercussion on neuronal survival

Andreas Papadopulos (Australia) 
ISCCB, Cairns, Australia 
Abstract: Activity-driven relaxation of the cortical actomyosin II network synchronizes Munc18-1-dependent neurosecretory vesicle docking.

Stojan Peric (Serbia) 
World Congress of Neurology, Santiago, Chile 
Abstract: Clinical features of Guillain-Barre syndrome in the Balkans

Ana Belen Ramos Hryb (Brazil) 
European College of Neuropsychopharmacology (ENCP) Congress, Amsterdam, The Netherlands 
Abstract: Intracellular signaling pathways implicated on the antidepressant-like effect of ursolic acid in the tail suspension test

Damian Revillo (Argentina) 
48th International Society for Developmental Psychobiology Annual Meeting, San Sebastian, Spain 
Abstract: Reinstatement of an extinguished fear response in preweanling rats: Implications for the comprehension of fear processing during infancy

Hector Rosas Hernandez (Mexico) 
FASEB Research Conference: The Growth Hormone/Prolactin Family in Biology and Disease, Steamboat Springs, USA 
Abstract: Inhibition of prolactin with bromocriptine increases blood-brain barrier permeability in vivo

Diego Salazar (Colombia) 
IBRO World Congress 2015, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 
Abstract: Metabolic role of glial cells in nutritional and biochemical therapies

Sara Sanz-Blasco (Argentina) 
Society for Neuroscience (SfN) Annual Meeting, Chicago, USA 
Abstract: Exploring Fyn as a novel molecule in Levodopa induced dyskinesias

Patricia Setton-Avruj (Argentina) 
Society for Neuroscience (SfN) Annual Meeting, Chicago, USA 
Abstract: Indomethacin effect on BMMC migration: Prostaglandin synthesis inhibition or PPARgamma activation?

Eric Luca Sigwald D'Alesio (Argentina) 
IBRO World Congress 2015, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 
Abstract: Selective neuronal degeneration in the retrosplenial cortex impairs the recall of contextual fear memory

Dafne Silberman (Argentina) 
Society for Neuroscience (SfN) Annual Meeting, Chicago, USA 
Abstract: SIRT6 regulates retinal function in mouse

Joanna Slusarczyk (Poland) 
XII European Meeting on Glial Cell Function in Health and Disease, Bilbao, Spain 
Abstract: Prenatal stress causes prolonged microglial activation and enhanced inflammatory processes in the rat brain.

Mariano Soiza-Reilly (France) 
Society for Neuroscience (SfN) Annual Meeting, Chicago, USA 
Abstract: Development of the mouse prefrontal cortex-dorsal raphe nucleus synaptic circuitry

Wilasinee Suwanjang (Thailand) 
IBRO World Congress 2015, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 
Abstract: The effect of clioquinol on cultured human neuroblastoma cell under high glucose toxicity

Attila Trunk (Hungary) 
EEGLAB 2015, Sheffield, United Kingdom 
Abstract: Effects of caffeine on human visual attention indexed by the N200 event related potential

Pablo Vazquez (Argentina) 
IBRO World Congress 2015, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 
Abstract: Perinatal asphyxia deteriorates social interaction in rats.

Maluken Walle  (Ethiopia) 
IBRO World Congress 2015, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 
Abstract: Sedative-hypnotic like effect of the essential oil from the  leaves of Myrtus communis on mice

Aranza Wille-Bille (Argentina) 
IBRO World Congress 2015, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 
Abstract: Effects of restraint stress on alcohol consumption in adolescent rats

Sara Xapelli (Portugal) 
Society for Neuroscience (SfN) Annual Meeting, Chicago, USA 
Abstract: Role of adenosine A2A receptors on brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF)-induced neurogenesis in the subventricular zone of Sprague-Dawley rats


 IBRO/SfN Travel Grants (to attend Neuroscience 2015, Chicago, October 2015)

Musa Ajibola (Uganda) 
Abstract: Neurodegenerative Potential of the Aqueous Leaf Extract of Ocimum gratissimum: An Histological and Biochemical Study.

Fernando Alsina (Argentina) 
Abstract: The leucine-rich repeat transmembrane protein Lrig1 regulates dendrite arborization and social interaction in mice

Edith Arnold (Mexico) 
Abstract: Prolactin receptor signaling mitigates the retinal function deficiency associated with ageing

Rosemary Bassey (Nigeria) 
Abstract: Histomorphologic characterization of sections of the whole brain stained with selected plant-based dyes

Elizabeth Bautista (Mexico) 
Abstract: Molecular mechanism activated by iron in neuroblastoma SH-SY5Y cells

Alejandro Blenkmann (Argentina) 
Abstract: An open source toolbox for intracranial grid and depth electrodes localization

Antonela Bonafina (Argentina) 
Abstract: New roles of GDNF/GFRα1 on neural stem cells development

Antonella Borreca (Italy) 
Abstract: Increased translation and expression of APP associate with opposite dysregulation of Fragile-X Mental Retardation Protein and heteronuclear Ribonucleoprotein C Protein in the hippocampus of Tg2576 mice and sporadic Alzheimer Disease patients

Marjana Brkic (Serbia) 
Abstract: Short term fish oil dietary supplementation reduces plaque load in 5XFAD female mice

Robson Costa (Brazil) 
Abstract: Mechanisms underlying the scratching behavior induced by the activation of proteinase activated receptor-4 (PAR-4) in mice

Dorottya Cserpan (Hungary) 
Abstract: Current Source Density Method for Single Neurons

Seif Eldawlatly (Egypt) 
Abstract: Optimizing Electrical Stimulation Parameters in a Lateral Geniculate Nucleus (LGN) Model

Bálint File (Hungary) 
Abstract: Age-related alterations in the connectivity of resting state functional modular structure

Darambazar Gantulga (Mongolia) 
Abstract: Paraventricular NUCB2/nesfatin-1 is directly targeted by leptin and mediates its anorexigenic effect

Hamid Gholamipour-Badie (Iran) 
Abstract: Preventing effect of L-type calcium channel blockade on electrophysiological alterations in dentate gyrus granule cells induced by entorhinal amyloid pathology

Soledad Gonzalo Cogno (Argentina) 
Abstract: Synchronization between Hippocampus and Entorhinal Cortex in behaving rats

Vishal Jain (India) 
Abstract: Exercise training prevents hypobaric hypoxia induced neurodegeneration and synaptic strength

Pardeep Kumar (India) 
Abstract: Modulation of metabolic parameters and antioxidant enzymes in diabetic aging female rat brains: beneficial role of metformin.

Filipe Matheus (Brazil) 
Abstract: Dissociation of striatum and pre-frontal cortex uncouples anhedonia and depression in experimental parkinsonism

Helen Melo (Brazil) 
Abstract: Palmitate impairs insulin signaling in hippocampal neurons

Awanish Mishra (India) 
Abstract: Epilepsy induced depression and memory deficit: Intricacies of serotonergic system

Saurabh Pandey (India) 
Abstract: Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms in Metabotropic Glutamate Receptor1 (mGluR1) Trafficking

Jonu Pradhan (Nepal) 
Abstract: Glycine-induced currents are insensitive to the glycine receptor α1 subunit-specific blocker, cyanotriphenylborate, in older circling mice

Lin Qui (People's Republic of China) 
Abstract: Effects of mesenchymal stem cell differentiation induced by linear micro and nano-topology and the associated miRNA profiling

Ana Paula Ramos :Costa (Brazil) 
Abstract: Is the pilocarpine model of anxiety also a model of depression?

Joice Silva (Brazil) 
Abstract: The Radial Glia Neural Stem Cell’s Role in Angiogenesis in Cerebral Cortex

Jitendra Kumar Sinha (India) 
Abstract: Establishing an animal model to study the neurobiology of obesity and ageing

Ivana Tejada (Panama) 
Abstract: Molecular Networking of oxytocin in Brain- relevance to Alzheimer's pathology

Cecilia Tubert (Argentina) 
Abstract: Kv1.3 mediates cholinergic hyperexcitability in a mouse model of Parkinson's disease

Debora Venske (Brazil) 
Abstract: Oxidative stress as a key event in malaoxon-induced neurotoxicity in primary cell cultures of cortical neurons


 PERC-FENS World Congress Travel Grants 

Alan Kania (Poland)

Ana Rita Santos (Portugal)

Ana Viegas (Portugal)

Andre Santos Ribeiro (United Kingdom)

Andrzej Cwetsch (Italy)

Angela Caruso (Italy)

Anna Greda (Poland)

Anna Pliassova (Portugal)

Aurelijus Burokas (Ireland)

Bálint File (Hungary)

Ceren Akdeniz (Germany)

Consuelo Fois (Germany)

Danny Mauricio Florez Paz (Spain)

Dieuwke Sevenster (Belgium)

Filipa Baptista (Portugal)

Filipa Ribeiro (Portugal)

Giuseppe Giannotti (Italy)

Ines Hipolito (Portugal)

Irene Suarez Pereira (Spain)

Ivan Capo (Serbia)

Jadwiga Spyrka (Poland)

Jaume Taura (Spain)

Javier Diaz (Spain)

Javier Gilabert-Juan (Spain)

Joana Balca-Silva (Portugal)

Joana Goncalves (Portugal)

Joana Maria Machado dos Santos (Austria)

Joanna Danielewicz (Poland)

Joanna Slusarczyk (Poland)

Julien Dine (Germany)

Magdalena Smyk (Poland)

Maja Rogic Vidakovic (Croatia)

Maria Neginskaya (Russia)

Maria Vittoria Micioni Di Bonaventura (Italy)

Mariana Botelho Rocha (Portugal)

Marjana Brkic (Serbia)

Marloes Henckens (Netherlands)

Mary Gazea (Germany)

Mayank Chaturvedi (Poland)

Michele Malaguarnera (Italy)

Noelia Urban (United Kingdom)

Olga Kopach (United Kingdom)

Patricia Patricio (Portugal)

Paulina Misztak (Poland)

Petra Mrozkova (Czech Republic)

Radwa Khalil (Germany)

Raul Bardini Bressan (United Kingdom)

Rebekka Diepold (Germany)

Robertas Guzulaitis (Denmark)

Sara Bachiller (Spain)

Sara Bizzotto (France)

Sara Martire (Italy)

Sara Silva (Portugal)

Sara Xapelli (Portugal)

Seda Ozdemir Cavdaroglu (Germany)

Silvia Poggini (Italy)

Tamar Macharadze (Georgia)

Telma Quintela (Portugal)

Vânia Batalha (Portugal)

Vera Medvedeva (France)

Weronika Duda (Poland)

Zuzana Nedelska (Czech Republic)


IBRO-LARC World Congress Travel Grants 

Aderbal Silva Aguiar Junior (Brazil)

Alex Vielma (Chile)

Alvaro Cabana (Uruguay)

Andrea Comba (Argentina)

Andrea del Pilar Becerra-Calixto (Colombia)

Angelica Maria Sabogal Guaqueta (Colombia)

Ariel Lara Vasquez (Chile)

Arthur SantAnna Feltrin (Brazil)

Berenice Silva (Argentina)

Betina Gonzalez (Argentina)

Cecilia Forcato (Argentina)

Cecilia Kramar (Argentina)

Cesar Acevedo (Colombia)

Claudia Angelica Bonilla Escobar (Brazil)

Daniel Édgar Cortes-Perez (Mexico)

Daylín Gongora (Cuba)

Ernesto Duran (Chile)

Filipe Matheus (Brazil)

Gabriela Martinez (Mexico)

Gisela Zalcman (Argentina)

Hector Ortega (Colombia)

Javier Andres Muniz (Argentina)

Jose Casanova (Chile)

José Moya-Diaz (Argentina)

Karina Formoso (Argentina)

Laura Montroull (Argentina)

Maíra Assuncao Bicca (Brazil)

Marcos Campologno (Argentina)

Maria Angeles Vinuesa (Argentina)

María Celeste Rivero-Echeto (Argentina)

Maria Evelin Torres Garcia (Mexico)

Maria Fernanda Ramirez Lopez (Mexico)

María Leal (Argentina)

Mariano N. Di Guilmi (Argentina)

Mariela Chertoff (Argentina)

Mariela Trinchero (Argentina)

Natalia Marchese (Argentina)

Nathalie Arnal (Argentina)

Nicolás Iván Bertone (Argentina)

Nicole Orsi Barioni (Brazil)

Paula Pouso (Uruguay)

Rodrigo Alejandro Sierra Ordonez (Brazil)

Rodrigo Alonso (Argentina)

Rodrigo Fernandez (Argentina)

Salvador Valenvia (Mexico)

Selvin Reyes (Brazil)

Simoni Avansini (Brazil)

Sonia Lorena Espindola (Argentina)

Sonia Molina (Argentina)

Sung Min Yang (Argentina)

Valentina Pastore (Argentina)

Vicente Ruiz-Viroga (Uruguay)

Victor Danelson (Argentina)

Yanina Martos (Argentina)


IBRO World Congress Travel Grants 


Amrita Chowdhury (India)

Avijit Banik (India)

Darambazar Gantulga (Mongolia)

Fatemeh Shaerzadeh (Iran)

Ghorbangol Ashabi (Iran)

Homeira Moradi Chameh (Iran)

Karma Tenzin (Bhutan)

Manju Tewari (India)

Maryam Ghasemi Kasman (Iran)

Ping Zheng (Australia)

Veera Manikandan R (India)

Yanling Hu (Australia)


Abdeljalil Elgot (Morocco)

Abdelmoneim Khashana (Egypt)

Adhil Bhagwandin (South Africa)

Ghislain Armel Mpandzou (Morocco)

Hanane Nait Taleb Ali (Morocco)

Innocent Edagha (Nigeria)

Ismail Ishola (Nigeria)

Moses Ekong (Nigeria)

Muluken Walle Birhanie (Ethiopia)

Nadia El Kadmiri (Morocco)

Samira Boulbaroud (Morocco)


Alexandre Matos (Brazil)

Ana Agustina Calzada Reyes (Cuba)

Belen Gori (Argentina)

Emilce Artur de la Villamois (Argentina)

Fernanda Malgarin (Brazil)

Francisco Capani (Argentina)

Guillermo Spitzmaul (Argentina)

Joaquin Piriz (Argentina)

Luis Betancourt (Venezuela)

Luis Fernando Hernandez Zimbron (Mexico)

Malena Lis Mul Fedele (Argentina)

Maria Kruse (Argentina)

Rodrigo Alvarez (Argentina)

Sara Oliveira (Brazil)


Alessandro Furlan (Sweden)

Ana Maria Buga (Romania)

Anna Lenice Ribeiro Xavier (France)

Karine Tadevosyan (Armenia)

Karolina Janacsek (Hungary)

Lukasz Chrobok (Poland)

Luna Jammal (Israel)

Narine Ghazaryan (Armenia)

Sandra Vaz (Portugal)

Svetlana Sharifulina (Russia)

Vera Kovaleva (Russia)


Dekel Taliaz (Canada)

Haley Vecchiarelli (Canada) 

Janaina Brusco (Canada)


African Regional Grants

Asian/Pacific Regional Grants

Latin American Regional Grants

Pan European Regional Grants

US/Canada Regional Grants


Exchange Bursaries

Ayodele Akinyemi from the Federal University of Technology in Nigeria will go to the Universidade de Federal Santa Maria (UFSM) in Brazil.

Dènahin Toffa from ED-SEV/UCAD in Benin will go to the Département de neurologie FMPO-UCAD in Senegal.

Hanane Khalki from the University Cadi Ayyad in Morocco will go to the Institut de Neurosciences de la Timone in France.

Olasunmbo Afolayan from Ekiti State University in Nigeria will go to to the VU University Medical Center in the Netherlands.

Omamuyovwi Ijomone from the Obafemi Awolowo University in Nigeria will go to the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in the United States.