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Professional Development

IBRO educational and funding programs provide top training and career-enhancement opportunities for young neuroscientists, with a special focus on those in economically challenged countries. Recent award winners.

IBRO Neuroscience Schools: IBRO Neuroscience Schools are intensive, structured educational courses that last a week or more, bringing students into contact with distinguished neuroscientists. In addition to lectures and laboratory techniques, the Schools feature discussions, workshops, roundtables and career mentoring covering topics such as career tracks, research funding, professional conduct and ethics, the proper use of animals and human subjects in research and presentation skills.

The Cajal Advanced Neuroscience Training Programme

African Centers for Advanced Training in Neuroscience 

IBRO Schools  around the world

IBRO Research Fellowships: The IBRO Fellowships Program aims to foster neuroscience research, especially in less well-funded countries, by providing support to neuroscientists from diverse geographic and scientific areas who wish to broaden the scope of their training by working abroad in good laboratories.

IBRO International Travel Grants Program: The IBRO International Travel Grants Program provides funding to promising young neuroscientists who wish to participate in international neuroscience meetings. At these meetings, the awardees have the opportunity to present their research and make important contacts that may prove useful in nurturing their careers.

IBRO Return Home Fellowships: IBRO Return Home Fellowships were established in 2006 to help counteract “brain drain” and promote the growth and quality of neuroscience research in developing countries. They have already aided young researchers who were trained abroad in returning to their home countries and establishing laboratories there, where they can begin mentoring local talent and further develop research programs of excellence.

IBRO Regional Funding Programs: Several IBRO Regional Committees fund laboratory exchange programs, short-stay laboratory visits, regional travel grants, and symposia and workshops to facilitate and increase collaboration and learning within their respective regions.

Visiting Lecture Team Program (VLTP): The VLTP offers experiment-based lecture courses in developing countries that cover a variety of topics of current interest in basic neuroscience. They include: mechanisms of impulse conduction and synaptic transmission; structure, function and pharmacology of membrane receptors and channels; information processing in sensory systems; regulation of behavioural patterns; and neurodevelopment.

The Alumni Forum: The Alumni Forum was created to facilitate interactions between students, and students and faculty who have participated in IBRO's educational programs and to help create a community of young neuroscientists so that they remain in contact with IBRO and, more importantly, with each other.