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    IBRO Journal Chief Editors Talk Publishing at 12th CNS Biennial Conference

    Pictured above (from left): Yefei Li, Journal Acquisitions and Development Editor of BioMed Central; IBRO Reports Chief Editor Ying-Shing Chan; IBRO Neuroscience Chief Editor Juan Lerma and Min Cho, Senior Editor and Team Manager of Nature Communications (life sciences).

    IBRO attended its first Chinese Neuroscience Society (CNS) Biennial Conference this year which took place in Tianjin from 12-15 October at the Tianjin Society Hill Hotels and Conventions. Over the three-day scientific session period, there were impressive contributions from distinguished plenary lecturers and speakers, junior and senior researchers and past and current CNS leadership. To view the full program, please click here.

    CNS, a member society of IBRO since 1995, has experienced rapid membership growth from 200 members in 1995 to its current count of 8,000 in 2017. Participation in this year’s conference was around 3,000 attendees, including nearly 70 exhibitors. The program featured 51 symposia and over 600 posters. International collaboration was also highlighted in the China-Japan Symposium on Neural Processing in the Visual and Auditory Cortices and the China-Israel Joint Symposium on Neural Circuits of Brain Function and Disease. 

    Pictured above (from left): Posters; welcome; Juan Lerma & CNS Council Member Jin-Shun Qi (Shanxi Medical University).

    IBRO joined the conference in order to support CNS, promote our activities, journals and 2019 World Congress and provide advice to increasing numbers of Chinese researchers submitting articles for publication to international journals. Scientific journal publication and career opportunities are main concerns of young neuroscience researchers and IBRO is beginning to increase its support and outreach to address these needs. As part of this commitment, IBRO Reports Chief Editor, Ying-Shing Chan from the University of Hong Kong, chaired a Publications Workshop to advise conference participants on how to successfully publish their research and how they might also consider careers in scientific publishing.

    IBRO Neuroscience Chief Editor, Juan Lerma from the Instituto de Neurociencias, Universidad Miguel Hernandez (Alicante, Spain), spoke about how to publish high quality papers in international journals. Referring to IBRO Neuroscience journal in particular, Professor Lerma reported that there were over 600 submissions from Chinese authors in 2016 but only under 100 were accepted for publication. He therefore offered tips to improve this success rate. He suggested it would help authors to first read through the IBRO Neuroscience Guide for Authors, then make sure to prepare manuscripts properly, have a clear and useful message, limit an abstract to no more than 250 words and ensure that formal ethical standards have been met. He also emphasized that there are no costs to authors to publish in IBRO Neuroscience and no editorial rejection based on the current popularity of neuroscience topics. The journal's editors are the authors' colleagues and understand and appreciate the efforts behind publishable scientific results. In Lerma's words, “In the end, IBRO editors like to accept more than reject!” 

    Pictured above (from left): IBRO alumnus Yefei Li from BioMed Central; IBRO Reports Chief Editor Ying-Shing Chan, Gordon W. Arbuthnott from Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University and IBRO Neuroscience Chief Editor Juan Lerma; plenary lecture; IBRO alumnus Ping Zheng from Shanghai Tech University; and IBRO alumnus Hong Cao from Fudan University.

    Two other workshop speakers included Min Cho, Senior Editor and Team Manager of Nature Communications (life sciences), who helped to demystify the publication process at Nature Research, and Yefei Li, Journal Acquisitions and Development Editor of BioMed Central (Springer Nature). Dr. Li was also an IBRO Travel Grant awardee in 2009, PhD student of Professor Shumin Duan (CNS President and Chinese Co-Chair of the IBRO 2019 World Congress Scientific Program Committee) and past Scientific Editor of CNS Neuroscience Bulletin, the CNS Journal. Based on her personal experience, she discussed career opportunities in scientific editing and open access publishing after obtaining a PhD. 

    The different publishing perspectives and experiences stimulated many questions from the audience and received much applause for the helpful insights and advice provided. If you were not able to come to the CNS Conference for information and support, you can find IBRO Neuroscience Chief Editor, Juan Lerma, and Associate Editor, Jerome Sanes, next at the 2017 SfN Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C. where they will conduct one-on-one speed review sessions of manuscripts.

    SIGN UP here now for your personalized publication advice on Monday, 13 November from 15:00 – 17:00 for a 15-minute session at the Elsevier booth (#300). We look forward to seeing you there!