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    IBRO Celebrates 2017 Brain Awareness Week with Seed Grant Winner Fundación Beltran-Morgado

    As part of the IBRO Global Advocacy Initiative, the Fundación Beltran-Morgado para el avance y difusión de la neurociencia en Veracruz was given an IBRO seed grant of €5,000 to support activities during this year's Brain Awareness Week (March 13-19, 2017), the annual global campaign to raise awareness about the brain and brain research.

    To see the program, please click on the following link:

    Traditionally, Veracruz is a state in Mexico not associated with scientific development. There is a lack of infrastructure, resources and government interest. However, active public participation in neuroscience education events makes it clear that there is community interest in the brain. The Fundación Beltran-Morgado para el avance y diffusion de la neurociencia en Veracruz, a group of professors and graduate students committed to neuroscience advocacy in the state, believes it can help grow this public interest and attract more legislative support through advocacy and increasing public understanding of the neurological disease spinocerebellar ataxias type 7 (SCA-7). This is a rare disorder with a global prevalence of <1/100,000. In Veracruz, SCA-7 occurs with a prevalence of 10.63/100,000, most likely due to hereditary transfer.

    Supported by the IBRO Global Advocacy Seed Grant, activities will educate the public and policymakers about this. They will include a free and public lecture, The Brain and Me, about SCA-7; lectures and public activities during the 2017 Brain Awareness Week organized by the Brain Research Center (Universidad Veracruzana) and the Southeastern Chapter of the Society for Neuroscience (SfN); a series of interdisciplinary scientific conferences; and an educational symposium for legislators to sensitize the government about public health problems related to neurodegenerative diseases.


    About the IBRO Global Advocacy Initiative: The IBRO Global Advocacy Initiative was launched in 2012 to facilitate the development of culturally relevant educational and motivational programs that will garner wider support for neuroscience research across the world.

    To find out more about more events taking place during Brain Awareness Week 2017 please visit the Dana Foundation website: