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    IBRO and IBE-UNESCO welcome our new 2017 Science of Learning Fellows

    2 October 2017. IBRO and IBE-UNESCO welcome three outstanding Science of Learning Fellows this year, marking the second round of our IBRO/IBE-UNESCO Science of Learning Fellowship pilot program.

    Our 2017 Fellows are Nuanchan Chutabhakdikul (Thailand), Alejandro Maiche (Uruguay) and Jiaxian Zhou (China). Chutabhakdikul is Associate Professor of Neuroscience at the Institute of Molecular Biosciences of Mahidol University. Her research interest is in tools development and normative criteria for assessment of executive function in early childhood. Maiche is Professor of Cognitive Psychology at the University of the Republic (UdelaR). He explores numerical cognition to increase math skills in children. Zhou is Associate Professor and Co-Founder of the Center for Educational Neuroscience at East China Normal University and focuses on the impact of low socioeconomic status (SES) on the brain and cognition.

    The Fellows will begin their stay in October at IBE-UNESCO headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, to pursue their individual topics of research for three months. Their diverse projects will enrich and complement the IBRO/IBE-UNESCO partnership mission to translate discoveries in neuroscience and their implications for learning to education practitioners, policymakers and governments so that effective and impactful teaching and learning systems can be achieved.

    We look forward to supporting and working with these new Fellows and sharing their insights as they develop.

    For more information about the IBRO/IBE-UNESCO Science of Learning Fellowships, please click here.