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Benefits of Membership

Neuroscience is one of the fastest growing areas of science in the world today, offering unprecedented opportunities for the amelioration of some of the most deadly and disabling human diseases. IBRO, the International Brain Research Organization, supports and promotes this expanding field of research around the world.

Since its inception in 1961, IBRO has been the global coordinator for neuroscience research, providing the infrastructure within which many national and regional organizations flourish. IBRO has broken through frontiers between Eastern and Western scientists in the post-war period. It has been responsible for the creation of national and supranational societies devoted to neuroscience. It has also united the world of neuroscience in developed countries and helped to establish and cultivate neuroscience in developing countries.

Membership in IBRO makes your society or organization a member of a worldwide network that represents – and connects – more than 75,000 neuroscientists in over 60 countries worldwide.

Benefits of IBRO membership include:

  • Global outreach for your society or organization through IBRO’s many programmes focusing on collaborative research and international cooperation.
  • IBRO’s unique expertise and experience in training programmes that foster international contacts and future alliances.
  • Numerous networking, academic exchange and other career-enhancing opportunities for your members through our regional and international meetings, trainings, laboratory short-stays, volunteer opportunities and committee positions.
  • Representation on the IBRO Governing Council, where you will help shape the direction of IBRO’s future programmes, World Congresses, and other far-reaching initiatives.
  • Opportunities for representation through your associated IBRO Regional Committee, which sets priorities and organizes activities to promote neuroscience training and support locally, while maximizing the use of regional talent and preventing brain drain toward countries with greater resources or more established infrastructures.

The mission of IBRO is to support and promote neuroscience around the world. The ability to pay dues should not be a barrier to becoming an IBRO Member. If this is an issue, please contact the IBRO Secretariat.

Application for Membership

To apply for IBRO membership, the following items must be submitted:

  1. A formal membership request letter by an organized neuroscience society or organization
  2. A list of names and emails of the organization's members
  3. A copy of the organization's Statutes and By-laws
  4. A list of the organization’s officers (President, Secretary General, Treasurer, etc.)

The materials should be sent electronically to the IBRO Secretariat at Requests for membership are forwarded to the Executive Committee, which then casts its vote for or against acceptance of the new member society. The entire process is usually completed in about six weeks.

The representatives (usually the President) of the Member Organizations are members of the Governing Council (GC), the highest policy making body of IBRO. They meet once or twice a year at the site of a major meeting (usually at the Society for Neuroscience annual meeting) and are regularly asked to vote on issues or appointments of importance. Each GC member holds a number of votes that relates to the size of the organization that he or she represents (see voting rights).

Members of the Governing Council shall serve for two years. Members with voting rights may serve for up to three consecutive terms. If a Council member should fail to complete his or her term, a substitute may be appointed by the Member Organization concerned for the remainder of the term.

Concerning membership dues, virtually all dues go to support IBRO’s programmes. Moreover, you should know that our organization is run almost in its entirety by scientists who volunteer their time; salaries are paid only to a few full and part-time employees. Furthermore, IBRO waives the dues of all Member Organizations having fewer than 100 members and the majority of those with fewer than 250.

To  ensure that the most up-to-date information regarding your membership is listed on our website, we ask that you do the following:

  • Ensure that the current membership data of your Society are listed in the IBRO Membership Directory.
  • Periodically update IBRO's information on your Society (number of members, changes in the Statutes and By-Laws, etc) using the same procedure.
  • Provide a link to your Society's Web site for posting on the IBRO website.
  • Include in your Society's web site a link to IBRO's website.