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    The Brain Conferences

    IBRO-PERC, The Brain Prize and FENS offer stipends of 1,000 EUR to international students and early career scientists who attend The Brain Conferences. Part of the grant will cover the registration fee of the awardees.

    To be considered for a stipend, you have to submit an abstract through the online registration system. The grant awardees will be selected following the application deadline of each Brain Conference based on the submitted abstract.

    The Brain Conferences 

    The Brain Conferences establish a series of high-level meetings on neuroscience in Europe. Organised by FENS in collaboration with The Brain Prize, these bi-annual conferences bring together outstanding researchers in key areas of contemporary neuroscience to discuss current concepts and define challenges for future research.

    Upcoming Brain Conferences:

    Spring Brain Conference 2018
    The Computational Neuroscience of Prediction, 15-18 April, Rungstedgaard, North of Copenhagen, Denmark
    Early Deadline: 20 January 2018
    Regular Deadline: 14 February 2018


    Fall Brain Conference 2018
    The Necessity of Cell Types for Brain Function, 7-10 October, Motkes Palae, Copenhagen, Denmark.
    DEADLINE: To Be Decided

    For further information and enquiries, please contact: