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    Applications Open for IBRO-APRC Lecturer Exchange and Diversity Promotion Programs

    IBRO-APRC Lecturer Exchange Program 2017

    This program supports trips of those who will attend meetings of APRC member societies from other APRC countries to make plenary or special lectures or presentations in symposia. This will help the annual meetings of member societies become more international and core researchers in the member societies be exposed to wider communities. The first deadline is the end of January, 2017 and the second deadline the end of July, 2017. The host societies will send proposals to the Chair of APRC (Keiji Tanaka,

    More details are mentioned below.

    • The invited speakers have to be PIs no older than 45 at the time of the meeting.
    • Up to 4 speakers per meeting.
    • When a meeting invites more than one person, they should come from multiple different countries (in terms of working places, not nationality).
    • The support will be up to 2,000 USD per person. Depending on the distance and period of stay, the amount will be reduced.
    • The program will cover only economy class flights.
    • A proposal needs to specify the names of invited speakers and their CVs, with their acceptance letters (can be emails).
    • The total budget in 2017 is 24,000 USD. A half is assigned to each deadline.
    • The budget in 2017 covers meetings held by the end of February, 2018.
    • The selection will be made by APRC as a whole.


    IBRO-APRC Diversity Promotion Program

    Proposals from individual APRC member societies are invited for awards of EUR 1,000 to promote diversity in participants at their general scientific meetings. These funds could be used for activities such as setting up childcare facilities for parent attendees; inviting speakers from underrepresented groups; conducting workshops or mentorship sessions that would benefit underrepresented groups, or any other activities aimed at this goal.

    The budget this time covers meetings held by the end of February, 2018. Please send your proposals to the APRC Chair (Keiji Tanaka, by February 28th, 2017. A proposal should include information of the meeting and a description of how to use the assigned budget.