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    IBRO-PERC and FENS Brain Conferences and Slots in National Courses in 2017

    IBRO-PERCThe Brain Prize and FENS offer stipends of 1,000 EUR for international students and early career scientists that attend the Brain Conferences. Part of the grant will cover the registration fee of the awardees.

    To be considered for a stipend, you have to submit an abstract during the online registration. The grant awardees will be selected following the application deadline of the Brain conference, based on the submitted abstract.


    The Brain Conferences 

    The Brain Conferences establish a series of high-level meetings on neuroscience in Europe. Organised by FENS in collaboration with The Brain Prize, these bi-annual conferences bring together outstanding researchers in key areas of contemporary neuroscience to discuss current concepts and define challenges for future research.


    Upcoming Brain Conferences:


    For enquiries andFor further information and enquiries, please contact:


    Slots in national courses in 2017 

    In partnership with IBRO-PERC, FENS has launched this initiative to support MSc and Ph.D. neuroscience students - European and non-European - to broaden their knowledge and acquire international experience by participating in short courses organised by the NENS schools.

    The FENS and IBRO-PERC stipends of 750 EUR each are intended to cover travel and accommodation costs for master and Ph.D. students (European and non-European) interested in attending short courses outside the country where they are studying or residing.


    FENS and IBRO-PERC stipends are available in 2017 for the following courses:

    • Transylvanian Experimental Neuroscience Summer School - TENSS (Pike Lake, Romania, 1-19 June 2017): International Neuroscience Doctoral Programme, Champalimaud Neuroscience Programme, Lisbon, Portugal.
      The amount for each of the IBRO-PERC stipends to attend TENSS is of 500 EUR, while the registration fee is fully waived for the 4 selected awardees.
      Apply here. Application deadline: 5 March 2017.

    For enquiries, please contact the NENS