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    Applications open for the IBRO-ARC Workshop "From Wildlife to Laboratory: Basic Concepts to Behavioural Research"

    IBRO-ARC Workshop "From Wildlife to Laboratory: Basic Concepts to Behavioural Research"

    Entebbe, Uganda

    June  6 -  10, 2017


    Organizer: Prof. Nilesh Patel (University of Nairobi)

    Aims and Scope of the School:

    Basic concepts for behavioural studies on wildlife and laboratory animals


    To understand the neural function, we rely on the analysis of behaviour. Recording changes in behaviour measures the effects of brain damage, drug treatments, and brain repair techniques.  The observation, description, and analysis of behaviour are fundamental to neuroscience, but training in studying behaviour is often ignored in neuroscience programs. A unique resource in Africa for neuroscience research is its fauna. Studying the wildlife of Africa can provide insights into brain function and evolutionary behavioural adaptions.  This workshop provides a basic introduction and approach for conducting behavioural studies on wildlife and laboratory-housed animals. Key issues covered will be the methods for observing, describing and recording behaviour under field and laboratory conditions and the use of behavioural analysis as a measure of sensory, motor and cognitive function.  Students will learn how to define behaviour units, do a qualitative and quantitative recording of behaviour, create an ethogram, how to use specific behavioural tests for cognitive function, how to analyse behavioural data and write reports. 

    Registration fee: USD 50.

    Who should apply to this School?

    Applicants with background in zoology, behavioural ecology, neuroscience, medicine, pharmacy, or wildlife studies.

    What costs will be covered for selected applicants?

    Airfare, accommodation, and meals.

    Application deadline: April 16, 2017 (11:59 p.m. CET)

    Apply here

    For all enquiries, please contact Dr. Nilesh Patel at