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    Applications open for the 7th Teaching Tools Workshop

    7th Teaching Tools Workshop

    Kinshasa, DRC

    September 6-11, 2014


    The intent of the Seventh Teaching Tools School and Workshop is to provide tools and a framework for teaching Neuroscience in African countries. We will present stand-alone basic neuroscience modules that can be integrated by teachers into a variety of curricula and into various teaching contexts. We will also cover the theory and practice of effective pedagogy in neuroscience, with the goal of enhancing students’ learning outcomes. The objective of the program is to develop teaching modules on several specific topics, with the hope that the program can continue to form the basis for future efforts on other subjects. The topics of this effort will focus on “Fundamentals of Neuroscience.” Themes to be covered include the basics of neurons and glia, receptors, the organization of sensory pathways and function, nerve conduction, action potentials, organization of higher centers mediating sensations, plus other related topics.  Strategies for enhancing students’ comprehension and retention of these topics will be included. 


    Requirements for participants

    This course is designed for young faculty who have been teaching an aspect of Neuroscience (such as Neuroanatomy, Neurophysiology, Neuropharmacology) on the African continent for less than 5 years, although those with more experience will be considered. Applicants should be actively engaged in teaching a Neuroscience-related subject and will be required to present one of their lectures during the Workshop.



    Lodging, meals and local transportation will be provided. Assistance with travel expenses to Kinshasa will be available.



    Interested applicants from the African continent should provide the information requested on the application form (incomplete forms will not be considered). Please also arrange to have sent (by email attachment), two (2) letters of recommendation from the head of your department/institution or your supervisor, and/or other faculty or scientists who can comment on your scientific and educational qualifications, abilities, commitment and likelihood of benefiting from attending this school. At least one letter should, in addition, document your current position and education status. You should provide the letter writers with these guidelines and the application deadline.


    Application deadline: May 16, 2014 (11:59 p.m. CET)

    Apply here.


    If there are any questions about the Workshop please contact Dr. Sharon Juliano at