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    Applications open for IBRO/APRC School of Neuroscience on Epigenetic regulation of neuronal gene expression

    IBRO-APRC School of Neuroscience on Epigenetic Regulation of Neuronal Gene Expression

    Varanasi, India

    April 1 - 16, 2017


    Organizer: Prof. Mahendra Kumar Thakur (Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi).

    Aims and Scope of the School:

    This IBRO Neuroscience School Program will offer the recent advances in molecular neuroscience to young investigators from Asia Pacific region. It will provide the participants an opportunity to understand the current scenario and challenges in neuroscience research as well as to interact and share their innovative ideas with experts in the field.


    This 16 days School will consist of lectures, group discussion, presentation by participants and hands-on training on well-defined laboratory projects. Total 30 senior Ph D and postdoctoral students will be selected, 15 from India and 15 from Asia Pacific regions. The IBRO School will focus on recent advances in epigenetic approaches to study brain functions and disorders. The laboratory techniques for DNA methylation include HPLC analysis of methylated cytosine level, methylated DNA immunoprecipitation (MeDIP), qRT-PCR, primer designing for methylation analysis, bisulphite modification analysis, PCR and sequencing. Similarly, techniques for histone modifications include nuclei isolation and histone extraction, acid urea Triton X- PAGE, western blotting, HPLC/MALDI MS of histone protein, chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP) and qRT-PCR.

    Who should apply to this School?

    Senior PhD students and Post-docs residing in Asia Pacific Regions.

    What costs will be covered for selected applicants?

    Travel, meals and accommodation will be covered.

    Application deadline: January 1, 2017 (11:59 p.m. CET)

    Apply here.

    For all enquiries, please contact Dr. Mahendra Kumar Thakur at