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    Applications open for 2nd IBRO-ARC Moroccan School of Neuroscience: Brain and Nutrition

    2nd IBRO-ARC Moroccan School of Neuroscience: Brain and Nutrition

    Rabat, Morocco

    January 6-18, 2017


    Organizer: Prof. Mohamed Najimi (Sultan Moulay Slimane University)

    Aims and Scope of the School:

    The school will provide top-level education in neuroscience and reinforce the network of collaboration and friendship between young, promising neuroscientists from all African countries.  The program will include:

    •  Lectures and discussions on new findings and cutting-edge concepts about the food intake (FI) control;
    • Tutorials and roundtables on professional skills (scientific paper and grant writing, etc.);
    •  Hands-on training and practical skills:
      1.  Experimental paradigms to study FI  behavioural  
      2. Behavioral assessment of FI regulation and dysregulation
      3. Neuroanatomical investigation of neurogenesis dynamics in relation to stress and FI
      4. Molecular biology tools to investigate expression of orexigenic and anorexigenic factors  Practical laboratory activity will be held in the Faculty of Sciences, Mohamed V University and at the National Center of Scientific and Technologic Research (CNRST).


    The topic of this school concerns research relating brain neurochemistry to the control of food intake (FI). This is of high interest when the physiopathology of FI is considered as in the case of overweight and obesity which is growing at an alarming rate. The rising prevalence of overweight and obesity in many countries notably those “nutritional transition” as in Morocco and particularly in Middle Eastern populations and several African societies, in the last decades has been identified as a global pandemic which is producing negative impact on population health. The comprehension of the mechanisms leading to this dysregulation is important to counteract this phenomenon. This passes by the comprehension of fundamental basis of FI control, notably the specific brain regions and principally specific neurochemical systems, i.e. orexigenic and anorexigenic factors involved in this control.

    Who should apply to this School?

    PhD students preparing their doctorate in the fields of Neurosciences, and/or Nutritionl, doctors in Medicine, Post Doc, PhD students (4 years max after the obtention of their PhD)

    What costs will be covered for selected applicants?

    flight ticket, hotel and lunches

    Application deadline: December 1, 2016 (11:59 p.m. CET)

    Apply here

    For all enquiries, please contact Dr. Mohamed Najimi at


    The IBRO-African Centers for Advanced Training in Neuroscience

    an IBRO initiative in partnership with the IBRO African Regional Committee,
    Mohammed V University of Rabat, and the University of Cape Town