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    Applications now open for IBRO-APRC travel and short stay grants

    Applications are invited from eligible candidates to attend a meeting held by a neuroscience society of an APRC country outside the APRC country they are currently working in. The society organizing the meeting has to be a national society member of IBRO in the APRC region. The applicant should also arrange a lab visit of a minimum 2 weeks to any lab willing to host them that would be beneficial to their research. The award is for a combination of the scientific meeting and the lab visit and must include both components.

    Usage of funds:

    The total budget requested from IBRO-APRC should be in the range of USD 500- 2,500. These funds can be used for the following expenses:

    - Round trip travel to the society’s meeting

    - Accommodation during the meeting

    - Local travel (ground or air as appropriate) between the society meeting and the laboratory

    - Accommodation and meals during the lab visit may be covered partially within the budget limit. A justification for these costs is essential.  For example, has the host provided assistance in finding low cost accommodation?  Has the applicant made plans to secure additional funding to cover the remaining costs?  If these are to be provided by the applicant's mentor or the host, a letter to this effect is necessary.  If the applicant has already applied to other sources, a statement to this effect, with specific details, is necessary.

    IMPORTANT: If additional funds are required to meet the expenses of the lab visit, and if these funds do not materialize then the travel grant will be cancelled.  Proof of adequate funding (an award letter from an independent agency, or a letter from the applicant's mentor or university) is essential before the release of the IBRO-APRC travel funds.

    It is the awardee’s full responsibility to obtain an appropriate VISA in time. If necessary, the awardee must directly contact the meeting organizers and the the host lab to obtain their invitation letters. An initiation of necessary actions enough in advance is strongly recommended. The award will be canceled if the proposed trip cannot be realized.

    Application guidelines:

    Evaluation criteria will include all points [A] through [F] below.

    [A] Which meeting the candidate wants to attend, and whether they are presenting a poster/talk.  The abstract should be attached.  The meeting should be appropriate for the candidate’s field of research. 

    [B]  Which host lab they will visit, duration of the visit, and a 200-500 word description of the purpose of the visit.  This should include justification stating why this visit will enhance the candidate’s research. 

    [C] letter of acceptance from the host PI detailing any support provided (e.g. financial/accommodation/experimental costs/other).  It is expected that the host PI will cover the experimental costs/bench fees.

    [D] letter of support/recommendation from the applicant’s advisor/mentor stating the expected benefit of this visit (to the lab and the meeting)

    [E] Budget: the student must indicate a realistic budget that includes:

    * Roundtrip travel costs to attend the meeting and subsequent travel costs to the host lab

    * Costs associated with the stay in the host lab (minimum 2 weeks stay should be proposed. These may include accommodation costs and meals, but may NOT include “bench fees” or any experimental costs. It is expected that the host lab would cover experimental costs.)

    * Where available, possible funding from alternative sources should be detailed. This could include a grant from the student’s own University/State/country or local neuroscience societies that the student will apply for, or any support that may be available from the host lab such as subsidized housing. The total budget requested from IBRO-APRC should be within the range of USD 500- 2,500.

    [F] The candidates CV including education history (degrees awarded, with year and University); PhD Thesis title and name of advisor and University; list of publications in peer-reviewed journals indexed in Pubmed. Please do not include conference abstracts or any non-Pubmed journal publications.

    After the visit:

    After the visit is complete, a report on the visit is required within 2 weeks from the three parties listed below. IBRO will send each of these parties a link to a form where their letter should be uploaded. The release of remaining funds is contingent on these reports being received.

    *The applicant: should provide a list of new techniques learnt/experiments performed/seminars attended and benefit gained

    *The host lab PI: should comment on the student’s engagement and participation, and motivation to learn whatever s/he proposed to learn.

    *The applicant’s current advisor/mentor: should comment on the student’s research abilities, motivation, what the student has gained, and the benefit to the student and to the home lab.

    This report will be available with IBRO and will be background material for evaluating future IBRO funding involving the three parties named above. 

    Please Note:only applicants currently residing in an APRC country are eligible to apply.

    Apply here.

    Deadlines: May 1, 2017 (11:59p.m. CET)