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    Applications now open for IBRO-APRC Associate School on Electrophysiological Enlightenment of System Neuroscience

    IBRO-APRC Associate School on Electrophysiological Enlightenment of System Neuroscience

    Nepalese Army Institute of Health Sciences, Kathmandu, Nepal

    May 8-12, 2018



    Organizer: Prof. Sunil Dhungel (Neuroscience Society of Nepal)

    Aims and Scope of the School

    To provide theoretical knowledge and interpretation skills of electrophysiological tools such as EMG, EEG, NCV, and Imaging which are the basis of neuronal functions and pathologies. Since the school features didactic lectures, plenary lectures, hands-on specific lectures on electrophysiology, radio imaging and group discussion sessions, it will illustrate how the above-mentioned techniques are useful as a “language” of neuroscience to understand the human brain and behavior for senior graduate medical students as well as for those are involving in this field of neuroscience.


    This school is a five-day lecture based and group discussion based Associate school of Neuroscience in Kathmandu, Nepal. The theme of School is “Electrophysiological Enlightenment of System Neuroscience”. Electrophysiology in Neuroscience – a language to understand the large-scale electric signals from the nervous system – is essential to understand the functional status of nervous system. In human several non-invasive neurophysiological techniques are useful for electro diagnosis and monitoring.  

    Who should apply to this School?

    Priority will be given to M.Sc. (Preferably in Basic Medical Sciences), MBBS, Bachelor in Human Biology, 1st year MD and Ph.D. students (i.e. senior medical graduates or junior Ph.D./ MD students) residing in the Asia Pacific Region who are not more than 35 years by the time the school starts on May 8th, 2018.

    What costs will be covered for selected applicants?

    Travel, accommodation, and meals.

    Application deadline: January 15, 2018 (11:59 p.m. CET)

    Apply here

    For all enquiries, please contact Prof. Sunil Dhungel at

    Co-sponsors: Kathmandu Center for Genomics and Research Laboratory (KCGRL)