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Latin America (IBRO-LARC)

IBRO Regional Committees support the IBRO mission and help to plan and implement IBRO activities in their local areas. They create and support education and training programmes suited to local needs and promote neuroscience in their regions through advocacy, mentoring and community building. For more information, click on the links below:


Cecilia Bouzat (Chair, 2016)
Instituto de Investigaciones Bioquímicas Bahia Blanca
Bahia Blanca, Argentina

Rosalinda Guevara (2012)
Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México
Mexico City, Mexico

Gustavo Murer (2016)
Institute of Physiology and Biophysics (IFIBIO Houssay), University of Buenos Aires School of Medicine & CONICET
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Adrian Palacios (2016)
Universidad de Valparaíso
Valparaíso, Chile

Jorge Quillfeldt (2014)
Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul
Porto Alegre, Brazil

Luisa Rocha (Vice-Chair, 2012)
Center for Research and Advanced Studies (CINVESTAV)
Mexico City, Mexico

Raúl Russo (Treasurer, 2012)
Instituto de Investigaciones Biológicas Clemente Estable
Montevideo, Uruguay

Ana Silva (2014)
Universidad de la República
Montevideo, Uruguay