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Alumni Committee

The IBRO Alumni Committee supports the IBRO Alumni Program and aims to facilitate interactions between students and faculty who have participated in IBRO's educational programmes and to help create a community of young scientists so that they remain in contact with IBRO and, more importantly, with each other. Whenever possible, IBRO will assist its alumni with guidance and mentorship on scientific issues and career selection.

Zeljka Krsnik (Chair, 2018)
Croatian Institute for Brain Research
Zagreb, Croatia

Amaicha Depino (2016)
University of Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Stephen Noctor (2016)
University of California Davis
Davis, USA 

Darío Protti (2016)
University of Sydney
Sydney, Australia 

Evelyne Sernagor (2013)
University of Newcastle
Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

Sadiq Yusuf (2016)
Kampala International University
Kampala, Uganda